Dog Walking: Why it’s important

Exercised dogs make for happy dogs and happy dog families.  How often do I need to walk my dog? 

Taking your dog for a walk around the block is a great start, and it might be enough for some breeds, particularly the low energy variety.  However, almost all dogs require a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio per day and generally more!  Although, hanging out in the backyard, is great – it is not enough!  Exercised dogs are happy dogs!  In fact, exercise produces Serotonin, a feel good chemical.

 “During exercise the brain chemical called Serotonin is released which is a “feel good” chemical that has a mood elevating and mood stabilizing effect”  Dr.  Nicholas Dodman

“Serotonin plays an important role over stress and the control of undesirable behaviour”

Handbook of Applied Behaviour and Training. Volume 1.

In addition to your dog’s physical need for exercise, it also produces a positive chemical reaction, that is beneficial to your dog and to the dog’s family, by providing an energy release, which in turn, reduces their stress level; hence controlling unwanted behaviours.

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