The Science

Body Language

  • 1 min read
Dog’s give us many cues, to let us know what they are feeling. They tell us what they want or don’t want from us, or...

Body Language

  • 2 min read
Dog’s give us many cues, to let us know what they are feeling, or telling us know what they want or don’t want from us.  Correct interpretation of...

The Guilt Myth

  • 2 min read
For many years I believed that my dog(s) knew when he/she had done something wrong, even if “the wrong doing” occurred hours prior to me...

Puppy Training Tips

  • 1 min read
They are so cute, right?? Until they keep you up all night, chew everything insight and going potty in the house. It is so important...

Firework Tips

  • 1 min read
Some quick tips on how to help your pup during fireworks:1) Never take them with you to an event where there are Fireworks2) Plan to...

Useful Links

Here is a collection of resources and articles that I have found that may add value to your day!

American Kennel Club on Dog Breeds

BCSPCA for Humane Dog Training

Companion Animal Psychology – Dr. Zazie Todd PHD, New York Times Best- Selling Author

International Academy of Canine Trainers
The Accredited School I Attended

Pet Professional Guild
Ethical Professional Organization I am a Member of

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