Puppy Training Tips

They are so cute, right?? Until they keep you up all night, chew everything in
sight and going potty in the house. It is so important to train them properly,
right from the start! By focusing on the things they do right by rewarding them
with food, which can even be their kibble, if that is what you feed them or a high
value, treat. This is positive reinforment training. We focus less on what we do
not want and reward the behavior we do want. For example, if you take puppy
out and they go potty, we immediately reward them with food, so they will
associate going potty, outside with a positive reward. Hence, they will do the
desired behavior, to get the desired reward.

These methods can be applied to all areas of training. Positive reinforcement (R+) is recommended by professional organizations and is backed by the science, on dog training. The model for
positive reinforcement was developed by B.F. Skinnier and is one of the four quadrants known as Operant Conditioning.

Below is a link to: Companion Animal Phycology
This particular link is, reproduced with her permission to her page on “Top tips
on puppy training from the experts”.


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